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Repair and Restoration: Make Do and Mend

Hello, my name is Alfred and this is my new blog. I am kind of new to all this internet business. My grandson taught me how to turn on a computer and to use the keyboard and how to navigate the internet. He recently suggested I start a blog but I refused because I didn't have a subject. My dad had always said to me that you should never start writing anything unless you have a subject. My grandson suggested that I write about my passion for repairing and restoring things. I believe we should make do and mend so I have taught myself how to fix many different types of things. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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Super kitchen makeovers – without the inconvenience

Property owners who are thinking of giving their kitchen a makeover could be forgiven for feeling pangs of apprehension about the possible inconvenience, domestic disruption and high cost. Also, the abundance of choice can be confusing for some. There may be other niggles too in some city apartment blocks – ambitious renovation plans may be subject to building permits, or landlord approval in rental properties. So, what are the options?

Australians could do well to take a leaf out of a Manhattan designer's book and opt for a kitchen flooring and general update that does not need complicated, expensive structural work or a renovation team. This New Yorker decided not to take on the task of ripping up a floor but opted for laminated flooring instead. In a recent interview reported in, the young trendsetter mentioned she and her husband felt reluctant about spending a year and a half involved in domestic work.

In the end, the savings were considerable. The kitchen face-lift took only a fortnight and cost less than a sixth of what the price tag might have been for new timber flooring and cabinets. How did the couple achieve this remarkable result? Firstly, with laminated flooring. Relatively straightforward to fit, high-end laminated flooring is a clean, practical and modern solution. Lighter European shades give a bright interior, while darker exotic shades provide a distinctive and elegant look. Examples include attractive acacia, Tao mahogany or Brazilian walnut, varying from the fashionable to the classic and timeless. As well as the finest quality wood, some types of premium laminated flooring boards feature variable plank widths with tongue and groove joints for an authentic appearance.

Finding a local supplier for top quality laminate floor coverings need not be difficult. The Australasian Timber Flooring Association also lists native Australian timber flooring species. With the right level of expertise that comes with professional installation, one might have difficulty telling the good results from more extensive (and inconvenient) renovation work.

To complete the look, do select a paint colour that works well with the new floor. Other minor touches include replacement cupboard knobs, new drawer handles and fresh grout for tile backsplashes.

Any homeowner or tenant can follow all these principles, though it's always wise to check the agreement if renting.

Finally, what of the kitchen cabinets in the above project? The answer lied in elbow grease — sanding, hand painting and sealing worked wonders.